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Extra-curricular Programs

Clubs and Organizations

Students are encouraged to develop an interest and become active participants in the extra-curricular programs offered at DHS. Students interested in any of these activities may request a meeting with any sponsor, director, or coach to learn more about the activity. All interested students are encouraged to apply for the extra-curricular program of their choice

Criteria for Admittance to Beta Club:

A student must have all A's and B's on every academic course for the previous year for semester averages. In addition, students must be approved by the present Beta membership and the faculty. Only students on advanced or honors diploma levels will be considered. AP courses will be weighted. Induction will be in the fall.

Drug Testing Policy for all Student Athletes

For the purposes of this policy school sports teams, cheerleading squads, marching band, and physically active JROTC units have students performing functions that require athletic stamina and are, therefore, termed student athletes by the Demopolis Board of Education. In addition, all of these groups perform functions that display them as role models.

Policy Objectives:

1. To create and maintain a safe, drug-free environment for all student athletes.
2. To encourage any student athlete with a dependence on, or addiction to, alcohol or other drugs to seek help in overcoming the problem.
3. To reduce the likelihood of incidents of accidental personal injury and/or damage to students or property.
4. To minimize the likelihood that school property will be used for illicit drug activities.
5. To protect the reputation of the school system and its students.