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General Behavior

Demopolis High School teachers are cooperatively responsible for the conduct of students any place on the school grounds or at school-sponsored activities. Students are subject to directions of any member of the faculty and will be governed accordingly for the good of all concerned. Activities that are defined as criminal under the laws of the State of Alabama and/or the City of Demopolis will be prosecuted by the school.

The commission of or participation in such unlawful activities on school property or at school-sponsored events is prohibited and shall come under the jurisdiction of school authorities. Appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken by the school officials. It shall be a violation of school rules for any pupil at any time and any place on school property to have in his/her possession, display, use or threaten to use any item which is or has been designed or devised for use or possible use as a weapon of any kind. Pupils who are found in violation of this rule will be placed on immediate suspension, and police authorities shall be notified for legal action.