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Makeup Work

If a student is absent for any excused reason defined, the student shall be allowed to make up school work missed during his/her absence or absences. The student shall be responsible for contacting the teacher or teachers within 2 days to arrange for missed makeup work.

Teachers shall not be obligated to provide makeup work for unexcused absences. Makeup exams are typically administered before or after regular class times.

All makeup work should be completed within one week of absence. Students requiring extended hospitalization or homebound students shall make all work up by the end of the semester. Work will only be collected by the counselor's office if the student will be out of school for an EXTENDED period of time. Ample opportunity will be given for students out of school due to extended sickness, etc. to make up work and class assignments that were missed. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO CHECK WITH HIS/HER TEACHERS FOR ASSIGNMENTS MISSED UPON RETURNING TO SCHOOL unless there are extenuating circumstances. The counselor's office will be glad to provide assistance to students and parents as necessary.