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Units of Credit

Both semesters of a course must be passed to obtain a full credit. In yearly courses, second semester averages may pull up the first semester.

First semester average may not pull up a second semester average. The student will receive a half credit for any semester passed. Seniors who are passing going into the final exam and who fail the exam and the course will be allowed a retake of that exam.

When a student is enrolled at Demopolis High School and has reached the age of nineteen (19) with gross credit deficiencies, the principal may dismiss the student with the approval of the superintendent and refer him/her to an appropriate educational program. The principal may grant a certificate of attendance without graduation ceremony privileges to this individual provided he/she has shown faithful attendance for four years.

Students who are behind in credits may attend an approved summer school program. If summer school is not available, each student must discuss options with guidance personnel.

Homeroom assignments will be based on the following for all students:

10th grade - 5 credits
11th grade - 12 credits
12th grade - 17 credits and be a candidate for May graduation