Guidance & Counseling

It is the mission of the Demopolis High School Guidance and Counseling program to offer a comprehensive approach to meet the developmental needs of our students.  Our goal is to provide our students with the opportunity to gain knowledge of themselves and others, to assist students in the planning of their careers, and to provide assistance to students in meeting their educational goals.

            Demopolis High School believes that the school guidance services are those parts of the educational program which emphasize the individual.  Guidance services are the focus of the school’s effort to provide educational experiences appropriate to each pupil’s need and level of development, thereby insuring maximum opportunity to learn and to be able to contribute to society.  Therefore, guidance is directed toward aiding each student to reach his/her maximum level of attainment; it is the students who determine primarily the nature of the services offered, whether they be personal, social, educational, or vocational.  This program is a part of the total school program that completes the continuous process that moved through the levels of instruction beginning in kindergarten.


Social and Emotional Assistance
The mission of the Demopolis City School System is to ensure that all children learn and will commit to all students achieving high standards of learning. In order to ensure that all children learn we work diligently on developing tools and processes to address social or emotional barriers. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers or counselors when they are struggling or need help due to social or emotional barriers.  
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