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Access Distance Learning Electives (semester or year) 
Web base (online) courses that may be available for electives choices through the ACCESS lab if there is a scheduling conflict for DHS electives.
These courses include:
Accounting (year)
Creative Writing (semester or year)
Global Studies (year)
Psychology (semester)
Personal Finance (semester)
Nutrition and Wellness (semester)
Web Design 2 (year)
Workforce Essentials (year)
Computer Programing BASIC 1 (Semester)
Reading (semester)
Business Technology Applications (year)
Sociology (semester)
AP Psychology (year)
AP Computer Science A (year)
AP Art History (year)
Forestry (year)
Journalism (semester)
Theatre Level 1 ( year)
Arts Survey (semester)
Forensic Science (year)
Health Education (semester)