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Regular Courses Under New Alabama Diploma Options
The following courses meet minimum requirements for earning a diploma and are designed for students who may be seeking employment at the high school that's training in a two year community college program/two year. Community college transfers to a university, or four year college. All courses are considered Preparatory to better equip students for any post secondary training or degrees.
Advanced Courses Under New Alabama Diploma
Advanced courses are designed for students who are planning to prepare themselves for college. These are college-bound courses and, to register for them, a student should have at least a c' average the previous course taken during the school year. 
Pre-AP Courses Under New Alabama Diploma With/Advanced Placement Endorsement
Pre-AP courses are considered pre-advanced placement and should be considered by students who would like more challenging college preparation courses to prepare themselves for four year college and university entrance directly or by two year community college transfers. These courses reflect curriculum and instructions that challenges students to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level. Students will be better prepared for higher intellectual engagement by starting development of skills and acquisition of knowledge as early as possible. Honor line candidates pursuing the new Alabama High School Diploma must have a '90' or above numerical average through the end of their first semester of their senior year as determined by the senior averaging committee in core academic and foreign language.
Advanced Placement Courses (AP) Year Long Courses
The following courses are highly structured survey research type courses equivalent to the demands of an introductory college course. College College credit may be earned by taking the AP exam in May of each year and earning an equivalent score as required college institutions. Admission to these courses is by open enrollment and teacher recommendation. A commitment to academic achievement and agreement to the time requirements of the courses are essential for acceptance and success. Dual Enrollment opportunities with The University of West Alabama are available through elected AP courses. Students will be asked to sign a contract defining their intention to take the AP exam or a teacher made comprehensive final exam. AP fees are required for AP test.
Essential Courses-by IEP Decision
 These courses are provided for students with disabilities who choose to follow the Essentials/Life Skills Pathway.