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Algebra 1 or Algebra 1A/1B (year) - This course provides an in-depth study of algebra concepts and the real number system.This course reinforces concepts presented in earlier course and permits students to explore new more challenging content which prepares them for further study in mathematics.Algebra 1 is required for all students.To better meet the needs of students of varying abilities , the following levels are offered: Algebra 1 or Algebra 1-A and Algebra 1-B.
 Algebra 1 (year) - This course builds on foundations mathematics learned by students in Grades k-8 by expanding mathematics understanding to provide students with a strong mathematics education. Content is designed to engage students in a variety of mathematical experiences that include the use of reasoning and problem-solving skills, which may be applied to life situations beyond the classroom setting. 
This course serves as the cornerstone for all high school mathematics courses; therefore all subsequent mathematics courses require students mastery of the Algebra 1 content standers. Algebra 1 may also be taken at Pre-AP levels.
Geometry or Pre-AP Geometry (year) - This  course includes the study of plane and solid figures designed to develop a students spatial sense and reasoning ability.Students are engaged in many hands-on investigations of figures using tools such as rulers, protractors, and compasses. Algebraic concept are used throughout the course to solve geometric problems. Geometry is required for all students. To better meet needs of students of varying abilities, the following levels are offered: Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry. $3.00 curse fee for Pre AP Geometry.