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Mu Alpha Theta

The Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society organization was formed in our school for the purposes of fostering interest, developing strong scholarships, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics. The society is officially a National High School and a Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society that was formed in 1957 and thus we will follow and the general guidelines already set. However, we will, as a Chapter, make independent regulations and activities. 
To Join the Society:
Students must go through an application process. Students must be eligible to apply to the society. The requirement are as follows:
  • Students must have completed Geometry 
  • Students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 and an overall math GPA of 3.5 ( 88 average ). 
Students who are accepted into the Demopolis Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta will be required to remain in academic good standing and provide service to others and the chapter. Mu Alpha Theta is an honor society and therefore all members are expected to maintain an honorable character at all times. Any honor-related offense will be grounds for immediate dismissal. Members are expected to participate in the activities of the chapter and uphold the philosophy of the society.
Mu Alpha Theta membership dues are $20. This includes local chapter dues and national chapter dues. Checks need to be made out to Demopolis High School and have "Mu Alpha Theta " written in the memo line of the check. Do not turn in checks until you have been accepted into the organization.