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THEATRE LEVEL I (Intro) ( semester ) - This course is designed to cover theatre history, aesthetics, criticism, and overview of the production elements. Improvisation, acting methods styles are covered; however, this is a nonperformance class. $10.00 course fee.
THEATRE - ACTING (year) - This course is to designed to focus on the acting and production process from start to finish. Students will participate in a school production. This course provides instruction in vocal production, movement, improvisation, acting techniques, methods, styles, script and character analysis and the technical components of a theatrical production as it relates to costumes, sets, lights and sound. Prerequisites: Theatre I course or approval of the course instructor. $20.00 course fee. UWA-Dual Enrollment Option Available. 
THEATRE - DESIGNING/TECHNICAL (year) - This course is designed to support school productions by constructing and designing sets, lighting plans, costumes and operating sound, lighting and stage rigging equipment. Students will study the components and functions of technical theatre and design, as well as overview of the production process. Students will participate in school productions. Students may take this class for a year if approved. $20.00 course fee.