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I teach Broadcast Media, US History, Sociology, and Psychology at DHS. I have been teaching since 2004.  I graduated from the University of West Alabama with a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences for grades 6-12. I received my Master's from the University of Alabama in Computers and Applied Technology (Instructional Technology).  I am also certified to teach Art and Computer Science/Technology.  I am married to Dr. Robert Mayben, University of Alabama Technology in Motion Specialist,  and we have two children, a son and daughter. 

Teaching is a calling. When students walk into my classroom, I want them to feel that they are in a place where they are safe, encouraged, and loved. I want them to want to learn. I want them to want to succeed. A key aspect of learning for today’s students is technology. They spend a great deal of their time using smartphones or tablets, watching TV, and playing video games. In order to reach any student, especially the 21st century middle school student, I must meet them where they are. Therefore, one of my goals as a teacher is to use the engaging factors of technology to help students to learn and achieve. These factors include inspiring creativity and creative thinking, project-based instruction, and authentic pedagogy.